Sunday, December 29, 2013

SURPRISE 2! Mission Accomplished Too.

Another surprise mission for another of my soul sister, Umi Adlin Faramitha. (I hope I spelled her name right.)

Adlin and I call each other 'teman sebantal' (pillow mate) because we always sleep together. Because that's how comfortable we are with each other. Like, sisters. A true companion. Not to forget, she was also one of the girls in my Bachelorette Pretty Pastel Picnic Photoshoot.

Adlin has always been my teammate in futsal, and here's to the more tournaments to come!

The surprise was really long overdue. Her birthday was last week! But as finals have started for some of us, while I was too busy writhing in pain. So from plan A to plan B, we almost missed Adlin by 15 minutes! I made sure that she's in her room. But suddenly she texted me saying her mother's on the way to pick her up because she has the fever! I panicked, abandoned all my preparation and dragged her to Qila's room, where we were setting up. As Adlin was unwell, she really didn't suspect anything and was convinced that we just wanted to gossip about the latest news (which we did!)

One thing about Adlin is that she really loves celebrations with balloons and cakes and surprises. We did it for Qila's brithday. And they did it for mine. (I can't post mine because my phone was stolen and all the photos were in there! BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR IT!) And now, it's her turn.

Happy Birthday, Adlin!

I love you, babe! Forever and ever and ever.... #sanggupbuatapasaja

May tomorrow bring something new and exciting for you. And may yesterday be a memory forever embedded in our memories.