Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sinners On The Summit; Cannabis

On the peak of the high ground:
Where all this while,
we stood,
for the lights,
flickering in the night.

In the wind,
and cool breeze:
The light embrace of warmth,
longed for,
yearned for,
in all its complexity.

Leaning on the red,
on the edge.
to fall.




Monday, May 13, 2013

Principle-ly, Morally, Legally...

My life has certainly changed since...then.

Since him.

My life has changed so much so that I have no idea what I'm doing anymore.

This is me now. That was me then.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like falling back to the days.

Those days.

And sometimes, just sometimes, my present and my past collides. And I'm lost. Almost. But I'm not. But I am.

Confusing, right?

I know it's a challenge from Allah SWT. I know that this will give me strength. I knew that there are many challenges in life.

Here's the thing. I thought I have faced the hardest of them all. I was wrong. I was so wrong.

The tests before, was only to prepare me for the much harder test later. Much harder. Much MUCH harder.

I thought I met my downfall.

But now I see.

My downfall is but me.

Choices. It's all our own choices.

To kill.
To will.

It's a choice.

I think I might have just jumped of a cliff at this rate.

THE WHITE CLOTH TAINTED; RED. Of cigarettes and booze.

The taste of liquor
A burning scent of smoke

On my lips
On my hair
On every inch of my skin

Leaving a trail
On my back
On my shoulder
On my neck


How can you do
what you did
and still
look them in the eye?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sudahlah jangan menangis lagi, ku rasa cukup sampai di sini. Sudah cepat lupakanlah aku.

I know it's such a sad title for a happy post.

But I've been listening to Camelia by Irwansyah everytime I'm driving with my iPhone plugged in. I just love the song. It gives me strength, somehow.

I have a secret that I yearn to share with the world. I mean, you know me. I'm bad with secrets. But it's not time for me to reveal to the world just yet.

I'm happy.

I'm in love.

I'm happily in love.

I should be.