Tuesday, January 7, 2014

While everyone was busy with New Year, I have #syadhilcountdown .




Three major things in my life.

And I can balance NOTHING.

And my New Year starts either this Saturday when exam ends.

Or next Saturday.

When I am married.


AT 20?

Yes. I'm caps-locking everything that is just screaming in my head.

I don't know lah. It's like, everything's just coming up to me at once. Finals are not easy and look at me now. I'm writing on my blog instead of studying. My internship is a 4 year contract. And I haven't even filed in enough hours for the first year. And I got a notice to work during the holidays. Except, I'm getting married. Which I've told them since the beginning of the semester. But obviously, it never registered in their heads. Now I'm in hot soup. What the......

And then, there's the wedding. Which is causing all the mishaps. It's taking so much space in my brain. My brain cells are dying.

9 days to go.