Monday, June 25, 2012

It was Enchanting to meet you, A Fairytale.

June 23, 2012.
Law Students' Society's Annual Grand Dinner 2012.

My +1: Raja Noor Syuhada
My date: Raja Nadhil Aqran

So, this time around, I was not part of the organizing committee, but I was the Host of the grand dinner with, le boyfie, Nadhil. It was a pleasant evening with all my friends dressing up in colourful dresses and the guys were all in some kind of tux-like outfit.

And the best part was that Jasyu came! Thank you, my dah-ling! It was fun dressing up and getting ready like...prom.

But hosting with my date was just amazing. I got to spend time with le boyfie for three days straight. And I've been missing him so much.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Maybe this time.

It's not easy, you


The thing about life is that it's so long and yet it feels so short. What was so many years ago can feel like it just happened. A second ago. And those moments that replay over and over again in your mind continues to haunt you, like nightmares of every waking moment.

This time around may be easier than it was. Or maybe it's just as hard but you've gotten used to it. The pain, the hurt, the devastating piercing heart-shatter. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...and we haven't died yet.

Yes, it's easier now. It truly is. To make choices. To keep cool. But there are days and maybe even most nights that waking up is so painful because the things that you've seen, you've been through and you've done, although far worse than how it is now, remain somewhere in you. In your heart and in the hearts of everyone around you.

People come and go, right? And maybe some stay. But why? Why did they go? And why did they stay? It's not a choice that they made on their own but a compliance to the choice that you made too. You choose who stays just as much as they choose to leave.

And if I choose you, and you choose me...then...that would lead to a happily ever after, right?


Every choice has its consequences. And every step of the an effort. You have to work things through. Through out your life. No matter who or what your choices are.

Regret trying. Or regret never knowing. Either way, what you regret, is a choice you make.