Monday, August 23, 2010

It's in his lies.

Liars. I hate them. Saying one thing to you and another thing to another. I didn't expect it at all. In fact, I hoped that those were just rumours made up in a swift of broken hearts and brief flashes of red. How could I have known that the liar...was you?

If I was to start from the very beginning, that would be years worth of crap that would uncover the truth behind all the big fake smiles and crocodile tears. Which comes down to this...You. Me. And all your lies.

First, I admit, it was my own idiocracy, which led me to believe you. I was special. That's what you said. That's what you told me. That was the first lie.
How many times have you used that line? Works like a charm everytime, doesn't it?
I'm not buying it anymore.

Second, was your oh-so-charming truth-like sexy drawl...which really just proves my first point. So effortless yet it painted such hardwork on your side. You tried so hard. *yeah, right!*
You were good. Really good. But not good enough.

The third, which is pretty much an elaboration on my stupidity, would be the fact that my heart, unfortunately, cannot think by itself. It can only feel. Well, I doubt your heart can do either...which even things out, right?...Or not. Maybe that's why we're so far apart. I push you. You push me. That kind of thing.
Anyway, back to the point...I'm not sure I have one at this point, but the point is...'s that love is blind.
It blinded me, and it still does, from seeing your non-existant sincerity, your not-so-heartfelt pours of love and the hours of your time creating more and more bullshit!
And I knew it too. So why the hell am I still here?
Without stating the obvious? But it Actually, that is why it hurts.

And fourth? It was all your promises.
Really. You should win the Oscars. You made your role more believable then the people on reality shows. And they aren't even acting.
"I promise." Were you crossing your fingers when you said that? And still, you said it in the damnest way possible. With love. Haha. Bullshit.

How odd. My condition was simple. I said it once. And I meant it for always. My heart in exchange for your heart. It's only fair.

You break my heart. I take your heart...and break it like a twig.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm done.

Lies. A string of lies. Lies after lies.

Before I walk away, leaving you to cry...just promise me one thing.
Don't tell me you love me when you don't.
Don't make me fall for you when you don't intend to catch me.
And DON'T you EVER take my heart when you CANNOT HANDLE IT!

I'm DONE with you. So just go.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

If this was everyday of my life to the end...


Me: You know I don't eat spicy food.
Mama: Macho la sikit!

Can you believe that? Hahaha.

"I miss you. I wish I could kiss you goodnight. I wish you could hold me in your arms and never let go. I just want to be with you...even for just a moment. That's how much I love you"

Haha. *Gag* It's sooo corny, man.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In the event that I feel something, my deathbed is likely upon me.

AFS YES selection camp was OH MY GOD-Wonderful!

Here, I must holler at my girls, Elanni and Alia! Thanks for an awesome and unforgetabLe weekend fuLL of Laughing out Loud and Lots of Love. Haha.
In our 'L's and 'loser' signs, most would have thought were obsessed with Glee. Obsessed? YES. Glee? Urm, no.

Luqman made my weekend fun too. Thanks for acting like a bodyguard that is 3times my size. And not to forget Group2!! And Syant (is that how to spell his name?) It really was FUN!!

Elanni and Alia, no, girls. NO! Goodluck to you too, babes! Hopefully all of us get the YES Program. No. I'm no wishing you guys luck on things like what you guys wished me luck! Haha.

To every guy that has been pushing you-know-who in my face, I am not a shopaholic and he isn't for sale!

There's so much to tell. Even the electrifying jolt of chemistry which Luqman and I call 'the feel' existed one moment. But that is a story for another time.

3 weeks of hols. That's all I have to say. A LOT has happened. And A LOT MORE STILL HASN'T HAPPEN!!! Static je. Haha. *Haa.Apa makna tu?Haha*