Thursday, November 18, 2010

The thing about love... that you never really see it coming.

And the best way to say I love you... just by saying...


Monday, November 15, 2010

Better than revenge.

So I say i'm sorry.
Here I am again,
Begging you please.
Just please respect me.
Hold on to your last shred
Of dignity,
And walk away.
Just walk away,
and let it go.

Didn't steal. Wasn't taken. So I took it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

"I'm lucky to have you."

"The first thing I thought when I first saw you just now was 'Wow. She's beautiful.'"

The last thing I thought as I turned away from you was 'Oh, god, please let this last forever.'

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

She 's good at the game. But I don't want to play.

You can sing to me Better Than Revenge and he'll tell you that I am Much Better but the endless chain of songs will end at one point. Mutual destruction.

Ready? I'm not. And truth be told, I'll never be.

The game is simple. You pull. I let go. You fall. Where does it end? We'll have to find out now, won't we?

I'm not going to fight something that is not mine to fight for. If it wasn't meant for me, wasn't meant for me! But who ever said it was meant for you?

Because I'm tired of all these games and never-ending scheming. But whoever said I'll back down?

In this game of tug of war, the winner is neither you nor I. So, what's the prize that you're eying? Let me ask you this, is it worth dying?

It is so on.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can't help looking back...

"One must always maintain one’s connection to the past and yet ceaselessly pull away from it"

"What and If are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: What if? What if? What if?"

Please forgive me for not knowing. Please forgive me for never really wanting to know. I was never ready to face it, so I ran. I ran away when you did nothing to stop me...or you did. I just couldn't face it.

I can't help thinking about the promised. And I promised. And when everything came crashing down on us, I blamed you for breaking me.

Then, you said you're sorry. But I wouldn't listen. I couldn't. My heart couldn't take it.

And now, you still keep to your promise. But I can't meet you halfway. Not anymore.

But I can't help it. I keep wondering, what if I do? What if I run, right now?

...I really did let you go...
...But it still hurts sometimes.

To miss you: To discover or regret the loss or absence of someone.

Missing someone isn't about how long its been since you've seen them last...
Or the amount of time since you've talked...
It's about the very moment when you're doing something...
...and you wish that they were right there with you.

It takes a great deal to walk the present. It takes even more, to walk away from the past.

We never needed each other. We were just there for each other. I miss that. And I realize that it's okay. It's okay to think of you...and to miss you.

So everytime I look at the Statue of Liberty, I smile. Because I know, when you see it, you think of me too.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sometimes, I just don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I spent every waking minute trying to rationalize something that was foreseen a long time ago. Just because we pretend to be blind to it, doesn't mean it was never there.

Even though I keep questioning what you have never answered...I still can't move an inch from where I have been rooted.

I don't understand. And worst still, I don't know what to believe anymore.

"If he loves you, he won't hurt you. If he hurts you, he doesn't love you."

It shouldn't matter. I shouldn't care...

...just because I don't mind, doesn't mean I don't care.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Life is like a storybook.

1st of November 2010.

Everything happened so fast. It couldn't be stopped. I didn't want it to stop. It was meant to be. The world kept on spinning and spinning...and when it stopped. So did I. But it's's alright. Because that is our way of holding on.

"I'm sorry."

Well, I'm not.