Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Complicated? No, it's simple.

" S
o maybe it's complicated because I'm sick & tired of the Roller Coaster ride of one day it's "I love you & can't live without you," & the next day it's "F#@$ YOU I'm leaving" & the next day after that it's, "Please don't leave me I'll die without you."
Then I tell him " No way, you're not coming back in this time, take a hike, I'm sick of waiting for the other shoe to drop!" & I get back from him days of crying & begging & swearing it'll never happen again & his saying "I'll never ACTUALLY leave you," but he'll put me through hell for 2 or 3 days at a time during the times he semi-leaves calling me every name in the book, cutting me to ribbons with his words, assaulting my character, my beliefs, my choices in life. He'll blame me for every short coming he has & when I'm in tears in a pile on the floor & concede by saying "Ok! I'm done! Leave & never darken my door again!" he'll flip & beg me not to throw him out because he didn't REALLY mean it; & he swears yet again that he'll never do it again.
Well to quote DePeche Mode "Never again is what u swore the time before." So I'm damned if i do & damned if i don't. So I call that "complicated" & that's unfortunately a far far cry from "single" "

If it is complicated, don't kid yourself. You're single.

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