Monday, June 25, 2012

It was Enchanting to meet you, A Fairytale.

June 23, 2012.
Law Students' Society's Annual Grand Dinner 2012.

My +1: Raja Noor Syuhada
My date: Raja Nadhil Aqran

So, this time around, I was not part of the organizing committee, but I was the Host of the grand dinner with, le boyfie, Nadhil. It was a pleasant evening with all my friends dressing up in colourful dresses and the guys were all in some kind of tux-like outfit.

And the best part was that Jasyu came! Thank you, my dah-ling! It was fun dressing up and getting ready like...prom.

But hosting with my date was just amazing. I got to spend time with le boyfie for three days straight. And I've been missing him so much.

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