Thursday, April 11, 2013

Who'll hear the echoes of stories never told? .....No one.

There are 3 parts to a story.
I've said this before.
     Your side.
    What they saw.
     And what I had to go through.

And these parts are never really, truly, completely, the same.
There's always something that's different.

On this pages, I write of the untold story of what I've seen. Of what I've felt.

Like, I felt like your actions showed affection. Love, even.
But maybe you didn't see me like that at all.
And maybe others would say that we both have crushes on each other. But nothing more.
And maybe the truth is that we've been in each other's arms.
But no one knows. Nor would they believe it.

There's so many possibilities.
There's so many parts to a story.

On this pages, is my story.

You don't have a say in my thoughts.

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