Tuesday, November 9, 2010

She 's good at the game. But I don't want to play.

You can sing to me Better Than Revenge and he'll tell you that I am Much Better but the endless chain of songs will end at one point. Mutual destruction.

Ready? I'm not. And truth be told, I'll never be.

The game is simple. You pull. I let go. You fall. Where does it end? We'll have to find out now, won't we?

I'm not going to fight something that is not mine to fight for. If it wasn't meant for me, then...it wasn't meant for me! But who ever said it was meant for you?

Because I'm tired of all these games and never-ending scheming. But whoever said I'll back down?

In this game of tug of war, the winner is neither you nor I. So, what's the prize that you're eying? Let me ask you this, is it worth dying?

It is so on.

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