Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm too tired tonight to call your name.

Have you ever agreed to something you completely disagree to, or did something you never wanted to do, or didn't do something you've always wanted to do, just because you don't want to seem selfish. You wanted to be understanding and sweet and all you wanted to do was to make that other person happy?

Well, it sucks.
Keeping it bottled up inside. It doesn't just disappear. That disappointment and hurt. In fact, it grows even deeper. It becomes too much until you suffocate and can't breathe.

Then, it hits you. And it hits you HARD! All this time, you were never truly happy...never sad...nor angry. You were so

But now that realization has struck, you start to feel the chilly atmosphere crawling down your spine...and you drown in the empowering waves of emotion...of hatred. Tears start forming in your eyes and they flow so easily.

And your heart?
Its broken.

"Living in the fast lane because I don't want to think about anything."
But I don't have a choice, now, do I?

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