Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm going back to preschool.

As you all may or may not know, I am now a teacher at Tenby's Kindergarten. So, the first day of work, I woke up super early because I was just too excited.

I arrived at about 7.30am and began my first task. Helping Miss Anne (Stephen Saw's mother) greet the kids and carry them and their bags (which are bigger than them) out of the cars.

Then, Mrs Puvanes sent me off to Mrs Ang's class. FS2B...I think. When I entered the class (The same class as my trial) Mrs Ang was like, "Sean's crying. Can you try to calm him down. I have to do some paperwork."

Sean, 3 going on 4, was a new student. He was crying for his mummy. He went all, "I want my mummy *insert tears*..."

So, after bringing tissue for Akhill, I went back to Sean.

Me: Sean, look at me.

Sean: *stops sobbing*

Me: Are you okay?

Sean: I'm fine...but I want my mummy.

Me: Don't you want to make friends?

Sean: Yes.

Me: *Drags Sean to Erina.* Erina, this is Sean. Come say 'Hi' to Sean.

Erina: *Waves to Sean*

Me: Sean, this is Erina. Say 'Hi, Erina.'

Sean: Hi Erina.

Me: *Brings Sean to Christopher.* Christopher, this is Sean. Say 'Hi'.

Christopher: *Nods*

Me: ???

Sean: Hi Christopher.

Me: Can Christopher and Erina play with Sean?

Sean: Sits down.

Erina and Christoper scoot closer to Sean.
In silence, they played together.

Me: ???
That was kind of cool.

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