Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He can be the one.

Finally, I told my sister about him.

Honestly, when he says he wonders if I don't feel what I say, I felt like knocking his head.

I feel what I say. Doesn't mean I say what I feel.

But, he isn't desperate. I mean, I'm into him too.

I'm just not ready, you know?

I need time. A pretty LONG time. But, still.

And he tells me he is patient. I hope he isn't the type of guys who only says things. But leave words as words.

You see, in my whole life, I pretty much summed up guys into 4 categories.

1. Who runs away from his feelings. (P.P.)

2. Who doesn't even know what he feels. (V or Bee)

3. Who shows how he feels but doesn't say it. (L)


4. Who tells you and shows you...BUT NEVER MEANS IT. (ANJ)

But he has shown me how he feels. And he MOST DEFINITELY has told me...but whether he means it or not....I don't know. I guess, time will tell.

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