Thursday, May 10, 2012

College Life, I bid goodbye.

I was packed and ready to go, and three beautiful girls stood in front of me:
Adlin, Aqilah and Azra.

Me, Adlin, Hasee, Asilah, Azra

The girls that have been there for me this whole semester. The days I was in tears. The days I had to face my fears. Choosing outfits. All our laughters. We slept together, studied together and took a step to adulthood together. Each one of them teaching me their own kind of lesson, each one always motivating to move forward, to shoot a few times. And to learn that you don't have to score all the time, you just have to try hard enough, with each other, having each other's backs.

You're not supposed to judge. You're supposed to keep their secret like keeping your own. You're not supposed to be correct all the time. You are human. You make mistakes. But you grow up from these mistakes. You learn. And the most important thing of all, I learnt that some people come and go, and others, they stick.

I love you, girls.
Always had. Always will.

1 comment:

  1. dear sya... will always be with you :)
    friends till da end. will remember you sayang! hope you tooo :D
    okeyh #im crying :(
    jangan lupa na lawat2 kami ...
    gonna miss da time we hangout together :)
    full with kenangan bersama ;D