Sunday, May 13, 2012

More than just songs.

Maybe I should give up?

Standin' out in the rain 
Need to know if it's over 
'Cause I will leave you alone.

I'm flooded with all this pain 
Knowing I'll never hold her 
Like I did before the storm.

Honestly, the lyrics hold so much meaning, to those that have felt it. And I have before. Which is why I felt like crying listening to the song.

I absolutely loathe the singers. *nak tahu siapa? Google la sendiri!* But the meaning behind the song, portraying itself through its lyrics, like poetry, depicting and illustrating exactly what you feel.

Many people, I am sure, post up song lyrics and poems and quotes as their statuses of Facebook and Twitter because the songs speak out what they can never really say. The songs are always meant for someone. Always.

I don't mind at all 
I don't mind that you only call me when you want 
And I'm just glad you want me at all 

And hearts that break the night in two 
And arms that can't hold you that true 

 So use me

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