Thursday, July 26, 2012

UKECharisma INSPIRE Jeli, Kelantan.

One day, after arriving home from Putrajaya, I decided to spontaneously sign up to volunteer for this (refer to title). And, that night, I received an email that says I got the job! And the following Thursday, my dad said I could go! YAY!

So here's the 411 on the camp.

We (the facilitators) met up at KLSentral. Got onto a van. Picked up Razali at IIUM Gombak because he just had a series of unfortunate events, namely: his purse was in hi friend's locker. Which was locked. And his friend was in class.

We arrived in Jeli after 8 HOURS. Seriously.

We had our meeting to plan the event for the next day. Getting to know all the facilitators was fun. Kak Sharifah, the Director of UKECharisma was really pretty and cool. Then there was Alya, the 'beautiful and sexy girl' (said the students), Amni, my classmate in CFS IIUM and also Azwa. As for the boys, we had Arief, the cool Kelantanese architect student who doesn't sound kelate when he speaks, Louis, the only Chinese and Razali.

The next day, the students arrived. I got group 3 which consisted of 16 students which was too much for me which was tiring and such a challenge. ESPECIALLY when the boys refused to talk to the girls.

But things got better on the second day. In fact, the last night of the camp was a tearful one. The students had to write a letter to their facilitators and we wrote letters for them as well. Although all the facilitators just wrote one general one for the whole group and read them out loud, I wrote a letter for each and everyone of my team members. I think I injured myself writing 16 pages worth of letters in one-shot.

Anyway, other than conducting the camp, we had our own treat as well. But that's a story for another day.

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