Monday, September 10, 2012

"Forget me." That was it. That was all.

maaf tuk berpisah
"Dia kena lain dengan kita.

Dia lebih sana.

Kita lebih sini.

Barulah saling melengkapi."

Tidak, sayang. Tak perlu begitu. The theory is "Opposites attract." But it's not necessarily true.

I choose you because you understand me in ways that others can't.

I choose you because you can see me in ways that others can't see.

And you never give up on me.

You never tell me to go. To leave. You always stay. Right here. By my side. Even when I'm so afraid to show that I need you.

Some guys say that they aren't ready. "Degree pun belum." Or "Kerja pun belum." Or things like...they're not ready for commitment. They're not ready to think about it. They have so many other things to think about.

But you're not like them.

You're not like those cowards, so afraid to take a leap. So afraid to take a chance.

It might not be a perfect love story. But life is no fairytale.

But I found Prince Charming. The one who rides on a white horse, burst in and sweeps you off your feet. I found you.

Kau tahu tentang hatiku yang tak pernah bisa melupakanmu
Kau tahu tentang diriku yang selalu mengenangmu selamanya

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