Friday, March 1, 2013

Beautiful, wonderful life of mine.

And...I'm getting the car soon! YAY!

Working and studying and sleeping and doing assignments and actually having a social life, as well as playing futsal is TOUGH!

But it's fun. I'm always tired. But if I don't have all these, I'll be super energetic, ready to face the day ahead!

Since friends from foundation have made their move to degree life, I'm always bumping into them. Meriah sangat!

However, I also bump into unwanted people. Annoying. Tapi itu normal. Itu HIDUP.

So Nadhil got me this tulisan khat of our names. It's so beautiful!

And Hijabista Magazine is OUT! March 2013 issue! It's under Bual Hijabista. It's 4 pages of pictures of your truly!

Life can be amazing, if you let it.

And, this time, I can breathe.

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