Saturday, July 17, 2010

She has something that's going to blow my mind. But I got explosives!

Since I found the stash of romance novels hiding behind a row of mysteries, I have been reading like...a LOT! Even exchanged books with Dee. I am in love with love. Haha. How crazy is that?

But I'm still brutal. Without naming the three guys that appeared on my caller ID and made me laugh all day, they said somethings that are totally out of order and ungentlemanly, I choked. Talking about tackling in rugby and ones foot in someone else's face is not really the responds they were looking for. Well, I'm only reading romance novels...not living in one!

"You don't know whether something is a mistake or not until you make that mistake and look back and say, "Oh, that was the mistake." But maybe it would be an even bigger mistake not making that mistake."


"I want her to hurt. And if she's idiotic enough, she'll make a fool of herself. I don't really have to do anything. Just show him that I have moved on. Then, he will hurt and in turn, she will hurt."

"Mummy, how come you hurt him but she will hurt? "

"Because she thinks I'll hurt seeing him but being with another guy will make him hurt. And the way he will act when I am around will cause her to realise that her plan backfired. And the fact that he cares that I've moved on will make her hurt knowing that she doesn't really have him. And all my dreams come true. "

"Okay. Great plan mummy. Just take care of yourself and don't sound as evil as a witch. Haha."

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