Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everything was wrong...but it was right.

16 October 2010
Ipoh International School had its International Day.

I performed (sing) with Nasyim and Nick and (dance) with Charlotte, Merisha and Rachel.
Kudos to Nick for make-up.

Lovely surprise courtesy of Adib and Mai: Penny.
Awesome non-surprise by Nasyim: Peya and Ansari.

I have a henna tattoo on my arms. Mai and Penny did it on their hands.

We walked around and sat around and blocked everyone's way. We had SUPER FUN doing absolutely nothing. Haha.

Best moment: Hang up Nasyim's call and stole his phone.

Favorite quote: "Tu pun nak report?" By Nasyim to Ansari about going to the men's room.

Funniest time: "Betul lah die tido," said Ansari about Haziq when Nasyim and I were talking about someone else and something else. *Kalau x tau, jangan menyampuk.*

Shoot. Shag. Or Marry?

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