Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No one can know.

There is 3 sides to a story.
...and Theirs.
The only people that know the truth, pure and absolute, is me and you.

I question this now because that is what they saw.
I question this now because of what they didn't.

When letting go is all I do, I can't help it but to wonder what was it that no one else knew but you?
Behind the secret smile and brief touches of sparks that created the twinkle in your eyes... one can know. No one will.

As I try to decipher your confusing shrugs and your hypocritical stare as you cocked your head to the side, I understood one thing... really thought I was that naive to believe forgive you...or delude myself into loving you...
...or maybe... wasn't me.
It was you.

And I do forgive you. But I'll never forget it.


The final piece of the puzzle is with you.
But I solved the game.

You'll never know,

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