Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"That's so brain-MISSING"

Extras, by Scott Westerfeld

It's the fourth book, continuing the UGLIES trilogy. Which raises a question right there. I thought it said trilogy???

But, having said that, I like the series. Especially SPECIALS. They sound cool.

Anyway, the fourth installment is about a whole new kind of world. A new generation, after the mind-rain. And a new lead character named Aya.

In her world, it's all about Face Ranks. Like reputation. The more famous you are, the more things you get. The whole world is like a freaking popularity contest.

And Aya is just like any low-life girl in the world who cares so freaking much about being famous. She lies to get into this group and then kicks a story about them and this World-Demolishing-Device-Thingy.

So the creators of this devices are like chasing her to like kidnap her or something.

That's when Tally-wa a.k.a. Tally Youngblood a.k.a. creator of the Mind-Rain a.k.a. Most Famous Person in The World come in with 2 other Specials who are also Cutters to save Aya's butt.

Tally used Aya to get kidnapped because she wanted to check those monkey-like people.

And the next thing you know, noone is trying to destroy the world. They're creating a whole new world in space.

Tally's famous. Aya became the 3rd most famous person. And the end.

Seriously, I hate Aya. She's so brain-missing. Which means she's like idiotic.

But the book is nice. It's a whole new world kind of thing with really advance technology. Which is so super KICK. Which means 'Cool.'

The best part is that the book is kinda light. It's not deep. Yet it's not bubble-headed either.

And it uses such weird terms. Brain-missing. Kick. Bubble-head.
There's even this guy who invented this brain-surge a.k.a. brain surgery called Radical Honesty. You like rewire yourself so that you can never ever lie. You will always tell the truth.

But it's kinda fun, right? You can say things like, "But my brain is wired that way!" And mean it. Like, literally. Haha.

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