Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve: In all the meaning it holds.

Suhaili called me up to ask me to go to Maher Zain's concert with her. Then, she had an extra ticket, so we invited Jasyu along. On the same day, I met Nasyim at the site. And he said that Deanna was asking us to gather.

And behold, the outcome of the day.

Jasyu fetched me to teman her go do her hair. Instead of just waiting, I did my hair too. Result? You'll see.

Then, we went to Jusco to meet Nasyim and Deanna! *whom I miss so so so so so much!!!!!!!*

After, we went to my place and met up with Suhaili! After Maghrib prayers, we set off with my family who scored VIP tickets, thanks to my dad. *Suhaili, Jasyu and me had the normal ones.* And behold! While we were in the car, my dad got a phone call, telling him to bring his whole family. So we went with him.

We, the girls, sat at the group behind the MB. Only to find that Farah Najwa's dad was right behind us. So she came and sat with us!

After the concert, as we shook hands with the VVIP(s), Auntie Pah invited us over to meet Maher Zain in person. An intimate event they called "Supper with Maher Zain!"

So talking to the MB who is a UIAM/IIUM alumni and his wife, also an alumni of my college, Suhaili and Jasyu *who are law students, mind you* were quite quiet. *oooh. Tounge twister!*

Maher Zain came. We took pictures. There were fireworks. As in, REAL fireworks. Not the stupid love so-called 'fireworks', because that's just weird. Then, we had supper, at about 12AM. After which we went home and collapsed because of the exhaustion.

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