Thursday, January 5, 2012

If ever our paths cross again: AWKWARD SITUATIONS.

"He has friends??!!"
...He was my best friend. His girlfriend hated me. He had a crush on me. He ruined my chance of ever being with his guy best friend.
*But now he is one of Malaysia's top 30 students and barely has a social life.

"He's such a snob. He thinks he rules the world or something. As if the world revolves around him."
...I. Used. him...and he's very caring...towards me.

"You're friends with her? HOMAIGAWD! What a small world! She's one of my closest friends. She's so cool!"
...Bitch stole my ex. She should die.

"*Insert name of the 'He' in #2* and *Insert name of the 'She' in #3* are best friends."
...She likes my leftovers, doesn't she? I didn't finish my sandwich. Think she's gonna want that too? Heh.

"You're his friend, right?"
"How come? He's a cool guy, I promise you. I like him."
...I'm his girlfriend.


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