Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Review: "#3KALAM: Is The Third Time A Charm?"

I am very surprised, and honored by the review.

Thank you, dear.

"mock trial: 3 kalam; is the third time a charm?

every year, melex(law students) take an old case, and they reprise and reenact the whole case. for the past years, they've been doing legal cases: murder and stuff, but for this year, they did a syariah case. i had some doubts about it. i mean the tagline put me off a bit. it's probably unfair for me to judge a whole production based on its grammar but it really bugged me how they put "is the third time a charm?" rather than "is third time the charm?" because the latter is the correct one, and we had to pay rm5 for a ticket, i was just very doubtful about the whole thing. and then the night before the mock trial, someone came to our door and promoted 3 kalam. it was probably the right timing, i had 3 quizzes, a test, 2 project and agd stuff to settle that week, but i really just wanted to do something light for a change. i probably should've studied, but in all rationality, i just had to get away for a moment. so i bought the ticket, together with azwa, we went to the mock trial and it was the best decision i made that week.

to summarize 3 kalam in a sentence:

"a scizopherniac, hot-tempered, abusive husband, a devoting loving wife with a heart too soft for her own good, a diva datin for a mom, a caring protective dato' for a father, a squeaky voiced judge, and 4 bad ass lawyers defending them."
it was phenomenal. seriously, it was unexpectedly very well done. i mean, i thought they would just change the stage to be a court, and start the trial right there, but no, they laid out the whole plot, they gave a  great visualization of what's going on, and they made use of the whole amf hall, which is amazing. the stage became a set for their house at first, then midway it became a court, but before that, they gave glimpses of off set scenes where they shot at various people's houses. i like the way they used the passageway from the center door all the way up the stage. when the husband gave out the second talak, the wife went running away towards the door, and the husband went and ran after her. it was shocking, kind of felt like a rea~ly 3d cinema. and after the third talak, they came through the door, with their lawysers, all the press and tv crew were gushing over them, it was very dramatic.

i like the monologue. the one where the wife kind of self-reflects her years knowing her husband. her view on marriage and her denial in admitting her husband is not who she thought he was. she was sitting on a stool at the center of the stage, and a single spotlight was cast upon her.

" we were in love, i knew him like the back of my hand, but now i'm not so sure. marriage is a decision to choose who you want to fall in love with again and again and again for the rest of your life, and i chose him. but things have changed. i hate the fact that i was so young when i made that decision, i thought that i really knew him, that i could live with him knowing that he would always love me back, but now it's different, i doubt everything i truly believed in the past."
azra played one of the lawyers, and she was awesome. each four of the lawyers had their own unique style of lawyer-ing and the combinations were so dynamic, i loved watching azra and her partner walk down the pathway like bosses "honey, you lost, but you still have to pay!"

definitely worth rm5!"

***Just for everyone to know, "Is the third time a charm?" is, in fact, grammatically correct.

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