Sunday, September 1, 2013

When darkness turns to know...not.

I was thinking, maybe I should change my blog style. Make it...brighter. Happier.

Then, I was thinking, you know how I read all these B2B blogs just to ensure I have everything covered, maybe I should make one too.

But I thought about it again.

And I was like, Naaaaahhhhh!

That's NOTHING like me. Thank God, though. Because my plans for my wedding is really pulling everyone I know to help out.

I mean, how do you write:
Dress: Own tailor
Beads: Auntie Letty
Hantaran: Auntie Bisah & Auntie Zura
Catering: Auntie Fareena.

Like, it doesn't even make sense to tell people these.

OK la. I guess you can say, catering by PAKEEZA. Right? But it just doesn't feel like it. I didn't have to call them up and book them. They're on the guest list.

Anyway, next change:

I was thinking of changing my style. Wear more dresses and skirts, which I already am doing. But the problem is, it's irritating. Dresses and skirts.

And, you know, I'm wearing the hijab now. So, I start looking at all the Hijabista(s) and fashionistas. And I'm like. No. No. No way.

They're over the top.

Or ridiculously expensive.

Or just ridiculous.

Sure, you look good in photo shoots, but why are you walking on the streets like that? It's so weird.

Maybe that's just me talking from the heart of Ipoh. You know? The laid back town. Where no one wears formal at a black tie event.

And here's the other thing, all these 'hijabistas', really, looks like my mother. As in their style.

I saw this hijabista once, she wore a maxi dress to this big event. And people were all like, "Such a beautiful dress."

And you know what I thought?

Hey, my mum has the EXACT same dress. She wears it to the surau. Every night. Not to formal events. And, yes, people say its nice. But that's besides the point.

Hijabistas, apart from their tudung belit-belit, looks exactly like my mum.

Maybe my mum should be a hijabista?

So, back to the point. No. I'm not changing my dress style.

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