Thursday, September 19, 2013

BROKEN: "#3Kalam: Is The Third Time A Charm?" Mocktrial CFS IIUM 2012

I know.

I'm in 2nd year of degree and this event was back when I was in foundation.

It's a really old story.

But, just now when I was in the car with Yaya and Haziq Ishak, we were reminiscing about it. And I can't help but to post about it.

Here's the story:

We were done with the shoot over the weekend but we found that there were problems with some of the recordings.

That Sunday night, (and mind you, the show was that Wednesday), as I was editing the video we decided to reshoot most of the parts. So we pulled all our strings and got ourselves: two video cameras, two cars, two drivers and a mini crew.

And Monday morning, I had all the letters ready, and it took me only a few minutes to process everything. Efficient, right? That's because I have gone through all those tedious process numerous times.

Did I mention that snatch thieves attacked me the Friday before? No? Well, it happened. So after seeing that they were ready to go to the shooting location, I went off to do my IC. With a flu, I might add.

Soon, I was on the LRT, on my way to Gombak. Yaya's house, that is. That's the first time I met Yaya.

And the first scene they were shooting while I was there, was of Quia (AKA Elanni) eavesdropping at the door, and crying in relief.

And that's when the bed broke. PLAKKK!

Gosh. That was horrible.

And I kept pointing at Haziq, blaming his weight.

Some snips of the videos are on my instagram.

There's one of the bed breaking.
And another on when we broke the news to Yaya.

Credits to the videographer: Syed Ahmad Safwan
Owner of camera: Luqman Long and Zulaika Zin

You can watch the trailer on youtube. As well as Part 1 and 2 of the show.


If you noticed that I didn't mention the videographer on both Twitter and Instagram (I simply mentioned 'cameraman'), it's not because I'm not giving him credit. I give him full credit for almost all his works. But he blocked me on Instagram. So, yeah.

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