Friday, May 14, 2010

Forever in my heart. Forever we are apart.

A teacher once taught me a lesson in life.

It's okay to be be apart. Because you build a wall around your heart. So no idiot will come and break it.

Arif Olan, MRSM Taiping told me

Holding on to whatever we have left doesn't mean that the things we planned or wish to happen will happen.

And he taught me that friends don't talk to each other for show. Friends don't leave you confused and in pain. Friends don't try to avoid each other whenever they can.

Talking never felt so hard.

Someone once said, "I'll take the blame. Just for us to get through this."

It's not about him taking the blame. It's the fact that he did it...and WHY? And if he's taking the blame then APOLOGIZE! Doesn't he get it? It hurt!

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