Saturday, May 29, 2010

Designers, Divas and, definitely, Dramas!

Prom dress cloth shopping was sooo crazy. No one takes 2hours just for 2pieces of cloth. Haha. Dah la all were against me. I thought bringing someone from a different side of my life would give a different view.

I was so WRONG! Haha.

Adib arrived first. Then, Mai did. Penny was fashionably late. Haha. Picked N up on the way to Kamdar. After a lot of, "No, Syahira. No." we stumbled upon two-toned cloths. I accidentaly stepped on one. Haha. Pure luck. And thanks to the model holding the cloth, Penny who already had 8 designs in hand, designed another dress on the spot. Fuh! *applause* hebat!

N rode on d back of my driver's motorcycle to go home. Haha! We, the girls, spent all day in my room, camwhored in my brother's room, online, mcD and phonecalls. Oh my god to the phone calls.

They were like, "Call him!" Penny said something like, "Regret now or regret forever." So I chose to regret now.

Notice that it's calling someone. Too bad you can't see the name! Haha.

In front all my girls, I called ‘Him’. He didn’t answer. Hahaha. Buat nervous je.
So while we were all online, my mum texted me, asking me to open my email. Then, I received a call. It was not my mum. It was ‘him’.

I was like, “Oh my god.” Penny, Mai and Adib were screaming with me, not knowing what to do. I answered. Put it on loudspeaker but ‘he’ was busy. He said he’d call me back.

Two hours later, after camwhoring, eating mcD and watching music videos and Gossip Girl, still no call. I was on the floor. Penny, online. Mai was on one bed reading a magazine and Adib, on the other bed, reading a manga. So Mai read our horoscopes. Mine saying exactly what was happening to me at that exact moment. Called Shelumiel for a minute. Fine, I’ll miss call the guy!
At 6.30pm, Adib went home. We, Penny and Mai played tarot cards and fortune telling. So dumb, ok! But again it was saying exactly what was happening in my life. Though, quite insulting about my past, I got a bright future. Haha.

Mai went home earlier than Penny. We were looking at dresses online at the time. Penny’s dad and mine were like, “Why is Penny not sleeping over?” Haha. Penny got KPP exam the next day which, by the way, she passed.

After watching 2seconds of Heroes, I read Girl in Heels instead. I slept kind of early after a very tiring day.

Midnight, I got the phone call. *insert the post below*

The next day, I got the letter from AFS, a foreign exchange student program. I have an interview. Yay!!! I watched the Proposal and The Blind Side. Both, having Sandra Bullock as their lead. She ROCKS!

I had a good weekend. I really did. Just one penyibuk of a sadness. But everything else was the BEST!

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