Monday, November 14, 2011

And the eyes that penetrate through, with a whisper of hope in the wind, all the tears are given true (repost)

What does that even mean?
I wrote this sometime in addmaths back in MRSM Taiping. Now, I have no idea what it means! Does it even have a meaning?

You know, I scribble in text books and on paper that are slipped in the text books that when I open them after months...or years...I will suddenly recall the memories...but sometimes, I have no clue on what I wrote... It makes no sense...

Seeing this, I wondered if I have lost my mind somewhere in time. Then, out of the blue, BAM!, I understood. It only took a picture. One F***ing picture was like a PANG!

-I miss him. I miss her. I miss them. I miss you. I miss it.-

That's what I recall now. It means that when you look into someones eyes and you feel like you can actually see them and understand them, then the tears he/she/you shed is a sense that it is what you feel and not just an act.

I got so frustrated at the fact that the people I's like they don't miss me back. It's not sad...It is UNBEARABLE!

Why? Why is it when you do give yourself to someone...whether a lover, a friend or family, they always let you down?

I took this personality test thingy, and I was said to be a pusher. No, I don't push people into something...I push people away. If they get too close, and start to understand me *or something like that* I push them away. I am a loner.

At first, it sounded like CRAP! But it started to sink in...and it is true. Shaik once had a conversation with me.

Me: But it's not enough.
Shaik: Or is it?

If you are confused, I'm not going to explain it because it's a 'in the moment' kind of thing. But it got me wondering...who was it, really, that didn't try?

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