Thursday, June 3, 2010

Embrace the moment because it is so going to be over.

It was not 12. It was 7. Then, it changed to 8. I hope it's 9. But 8 went down the drain. So it is 7 again. Maybe it is actually 6. But then, again, I hope there is still 7.

On a happier note:
I'm seeing Penny and Najmi at the interview this Tuesday.
Production tickets will be on sale starting Monday.
Reshween's birthday present.*AHA!*
I'm going to prom with my bestie.*well, that is that.*

During production practice on Tuesday, I wore tights. This is what Suhan said, "Why is your face like Malay but your legs like Chinese?" Haha. I bursted out laughing. The boys really need some tight slaps. Wolf-whistle some more. HORRIFYING!

If I say I haven't been sad, I'd be lying...but...there is always Penny and Reshween who can give me a good conversation. There's also Mai and Adib who are always there for me for some strange reason. Haha.

Olan got suspended from school and called it 'Cuti Paksa'. hah!

I want to jump off a cliff now. Later.

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