Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clean slate.

Hey guys.
Your eyes aren't tricking you. I'm back with this blog and my old blog which was formerly known a nightgownsandshorts has gone and became an old diary where only few can read. Give me your email and I MIGHT let you read it.

A clean slate is what we need sometimes. And I think now is the best time in my life to start a new.
People come and go in life and we have to learn to let them go.

The last few months have been hard for me and I know now that there are only few that we can count on.

People try to forgive and forget. But it's so hard, you know? So I'll try...I'll try to let go. I'll try to forgive...and I hope we can put the past in the past.

"Embrace the future, understand the present, let go of the past."

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