Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stop asking the same darn questions and listen to the answer.

Today, Saturday, 10th April, Syeikh Muszaphar came to Ipoh and gave a lecture to about 1600 students. Thanks to Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang.

I went to Casuarina with my sister, brother and father (the President) to escort the guest of honour to SUK. He didn't go for breakfast. When he stepped out of the lift, he shook my dad's hand. Then, we were introduced. He said my sister was slim and commented on her heels. *WEIRD* We had a little chat and headed for the ride. He rode in a Perdana with my dad and brother. My sister and I went in our car and arrived soooo much faster as they were only going at 40km/h. *lame*

During the Q&A session, the crowd was a real pain in the a$$. No offence. They kept asking the same darn questions over and over again and they don't even listen to his answer. One of the girls actually went and took a picture of herself with him while he was answering her question. Yeah, that shows exactly how interested she was in what he was saying. It's sooooooo ANNOYING!

Then, while everyone tried their best to get a picture as close to him as possible in the 1600people-group photo, we (me, my sister and Najwan) strided to the end of the line. Luckily, there was lunch after that. He ate in the VIP Room, obviously.

So, while my sister and I were sitting in the banquet hall not knowing where to go, my mother called us to our seats in the VIP Room. Upon entering, we saw a bunch of students loitering around the door hoping to catch at least a glimpse of his face. I knew, they were really thinking of a way to get in to snap a 1-on-1 picture with him. Too bad.

Sheikh Muszaphar is a HUGE fan of Dato' Lat. I was the one who snapped their picture with his iphone. Yes, his phone was in my hands. Yes, I could have done so much with that oppurtunity, including getting his number. But I did nothing that sort! I'm not a freak.

We, the anak-anak Keledang, stole his jacket and posed for the camera. Haha. Then, he was taken to the banquet hall for an autograph session. Most of the people complained. Some of them did not get a chance to take pictures with him. Seriously, you don't have to be a pro to get pictures with the guy. And you can't really complain about it. There are 1599 other people who wants the same thing!

You know, Sheikh Muszaphar did say that his condition, for him to come, was that the people who come to him wants to listen not to take pictures! If you want a picture, go to Madame Tussauds when his wax is done why won't you.

Anyway, I call today's headlines 'The Attack of The Students Cameras!'

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