Thursday, April 15, 2010


The title speaks for itself. Don’t you think so?

They call love a game, don’t they? Lady Gaga had that song ‘Love Game’. So what am I saying?

Simply, if you don’t want to lose that special someone, then, play the Love Game. No, it is not a game show like ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?’ it is the game of life.

If you open a guide book on ‘How to Get a Guy/Girl’ then you notice that one rule that keeps popping up. The 2 Seconds Glance. If you don’t know this, I guess I’m kind of breaking a girl code but, tsk…everyone knows it. Everyone USES it.

The 2 Seconds Glance work on strangers as well as on a crush you have. When walking, and you see that guy/girl, stop in your tracks and look them in the eye *from a far* for 2 seconds. When he/she looks away, disappear. I promise you that he/she will do a double take. And you’ll be that girl/guy he/she saw that time at that place.

From that rule, some experts came up with another thing called The Secret Smile.

That’s when you and him/her are kind of close somehow someway. So when you are with your friends, you would look at him/her and smile that ‘secret’ smile. Everyone can see it…but he/she will feel special.

Then, there’s the Law of Attraction. That’s the WORST! It works. 100% full proof. Anyone who can apply it into the game WINS. Why? Because it’s in the name: LAW. You can’t change it. It’s human nature. It is UNAVOIDABLE.

And if you use it, and end up giving up just as you were so close to success...that is cruelty. It breaks people’s hearts and just makes them break down. So stop. STOP! Stop hurting others. Stop giving hope. Just stop.

And let me let you go. I give up...because you gave up.

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