Friday, April 16, 2010

No offence...but grow up!

Here is a list of 20 characteristics of people who need to grow up.

1. Childish.
2. Laugh at stupid things.
3. Try to be cool.
4. Lie eventhough it is SO F***ing OBVIOUS!
5. Don't admit when wrong.
6. Don't think before talking.
7. Poor choice of words.
8. Complain about everything *When nothing is according to what they want*
9. Don't try to understand others.
10. Judgemental.
11. Immature mentality *Talk bad about those that are a bit behind* or *Thinks that being ahead is "Uncool"
12. Backstabs.
13. Annoying.
14. Don't know what not to say.
15. Don't know when to shut up.
16. Blame other people.
17. Think highly of themselves.
18. Stereotypes.
19. Laughs when they don't know what to do.
20. Rude.

If you are ANY of these 20things, you need to grow up. Please look in the mirror. Don't try to deny...because then, you are just proving my point. Change your mentality la woi!

Seriously. If you have all the characteristics as listed, then you are most probably a spoiled little 8 year old boy.

If you have some of those things, remember, accepting it is the first step to being more matured. If you are one of these but still deny it, then obviously you are not matured at all. Hence, contradicting your own thinking.

If you are none of these, then you are not human. Everyone has at least one of the characteristics. Even adults. So, fellow people in the world, I have only this to say...


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