Friday, April 23, 2010

Love too much to hate. (Repost)

Have you ever felt this feeling brewing in you...when you are convinced that you would most probably burst into flames if you ever see that person ever again?
...Then when she or he is right there in front of you, you end up charging towards her and flinging yourself at her, making contact in a tight embrace. And you feel joy. Because you have missed her so much.

When you guys hang out though, there are somethings that just cannot be said, building tension in the air until you feel like one of you have to suffocate for the other to survive. At one point though, you decide that you rather see yourself lose than lose a friendship.
...And you delude yourself, calling it "Giving in."

How about when you get something but she didn't? Or worststill, she got it but you didn't? You swear to god, you're not drowning in a thick layer of green toxic waste. In fact, you're proud of're happy for her. So, what's that throbbing feeling in your heart that gets tighter and more excruciating than ever?

You gave way because you are friends. She too tries to keep the friendship which have been punctured and scraped off piece by piece. Yet you keep teeling yourself it'd survive. Against all bets...against all odds? Sooner or later, it WOULD burst out and hatred would overwhelm both you and her...
...But it won't.

Because she's your friend as you are hers...maybe...just maybe...if you weren't would have hated her guts, to the core, rivals in every way.
...But you fact...friends.

And you will always be friends.

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