Friday, June 18, 2010

Climate change so take cover!

The past few weeks have been weird and just so wrong.

'A won't talk to B. C is with D. E went crazy. F is so emo. And G is just plain annoying.' Kind of thing. *Not really happening...actually kinda*

In this crazy, tragic, almost awful yet beautiful and awesome life, people change. Things happen. And feelings? They fade. And in that time, you grow.

I used to think that it wouldn't be called a crush if tit didn't hurt. So as I waited for the final blow, I understood...that someday, someone will walk into your life and make you smile. That person will never let you down, will not hurt you and most importantly...will love you for you.

Maybe there are holes in relationships. Some can be mended. Some just hurt. But aren't we old enough...wise enough to know how to handle it?

So what do you do?
When you love someone who doesn't love you?
When you don't love someone who loves you?
When love isn't enough?
or When just love itself is enough?

In the end though, no matter what your choice...someone will get hurt. If not them...then, it's you. If it was expected though...if it was known...would it hurt less?

The thing is, at this moment, everything just shoots up at the same time, blocking the view and throwing all elements in different directions...I am blinded. By hope. By dreams. By wishes. And all these jumbles up with reality.

When the world stops spinning...will I?

I just want to keep dancing in the rain.

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