Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who says the truth is gonna save you?

When people ask you, "What happened?", you can't help but to think about the answer.

There's THE story...
...and there's the story.

The story is the one everyone knows. The one that you tell around but with some missing bits and pieces.

THE story is the whole story, simply complicated and full of consequences.

The difference? One small almost insignificant detail. But that detail could change your view in life. That detail could change the outcome of things. That detail is the key. That is why you never ever tell THE story. Not to anyone.

Sometimes, it can save someone's life. just hurts too much.

You rather no one knows. Because no one is gonna understand anyway. And is easier to pretend it never happened. No one gets hurt if no one knows.

So...what's the story?

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