Monday, June 14, 2010

Yes? No? Maybe?

He called me at 11.36pm.
Oh. My. God.

Like WTH? He wanted to 'explain' things. So there is no 'complications between "us",' Ermm. There is no 'us'!

You can go on and on about it...and tell me what you want me to believe...or more of what YOU want to believe. But like I said, not in this lifetime.

Why? Again, I ask, WHY? Why lie? Why keep on lying. I said that I don't want to hear anymore crap...don't you get it? I'm not angry about her. I'm angry that you lied. And if you're going to continue saying that you didn't lie, Fine! But don't...I repeat, DON'T try to convince me. If I feel like you are being honest, I'd believe you. But, dude, say it to my face.

Why call me in the middle of the night? Always in the middle of the night!

And why? Just why did you call? Out of courtesy or something? Guilt, maybe? What happened to your manners before? Seriously?

And why so sudden? Why so late?

I kept saying "Yeah." "It's fine." "Ok." "Ermm." because what was I supposed to say?!Call me with an unknown number, in the middle of the night. I thought it was someone else. Then, said, "Hey. It's me."

You're so lucky I know your voice so much that it gave me a shock. Or else I'll be saying, "Who?"
And Penny, you know what he said in the end? "I'll text you, ok?" Not okay. Can you believe this guy?

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