Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tell me you care. Now tell me the truth.

Friday was just another day that passed by like *snap* THAT!

Rose texted. She told me that my dress is ready. But her mum wants to make it a surprise. OMG! I don't know what to do. I want to see my dress NOW!
Haha.*Crazy already*

Shelumiel is such an awesome friend...Thank you for being a great friend.
As for his friend, what an a$$! Think he so pro. If she wasn't there to protect you, I would have chocked you to death! I understand where she's coming from because I'm exactly like her when it comes to that guy, but dude! You maybe our friend, but I swear, one more strike and I'm gonna strike that already ugly face of yours. You read me? You break her heart, I break your neck!

I miss MRSM Taiping. It sucks to admit it but I was breezing through the yearbook which arrived a few days ago. Then, today I was looking at their pictures and some that got me in it. I wonder...what if I never left?
What would have happened to the gang?
What would have happened between me and 'PP'?
What would have happened to me?

If I could have one more day in there...what would I do? Hurmm.

If I stop thinking about now. And go to the past, I...I feel so much better than I do now. If I never stepped foot in IIS...none of this would have happened.

But that would be whole other adventure (ADVENTUROUS!). A wayy different and much more complicated drama.

And if I go further back, I get to see Penny and Reshween. And my days are better. Funnier. And so much more awesome.

I love you. Penny, Reshween, Mai, Adib, Hannan, Bat, Nasyim, Shelumiel, Jasyu, Deanna, Nick, Rose, Qish, Shud, Aiza, Ainaa, Haan, Syidi, Auji, Fatim, Fazi, Olan, Akif and so many more. SOOO MANY MORE!

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