Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The only law online is that there is no law.

Noel and Azrul were really funny during tuition just now.

Azrul: If I was your son, what would you do?
Noel: Jump out the window.
Me: Kill you.

Azrul: Mum wats for dinner?can take me go have ice cram yummy
Me: Stale fish with raw chicken.sure.can.but your paying.
Azrul: Sushi yay..i thought a mum always suppose to belanja

1. Even if you know all about being on the rebound, you can't help but be one.
2. Even if it kills you, the other person has got to know he/she was right..and you were wrong.
3. Even when everything you ever wished for has never come can't help but to keep on wishing.

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