Friday, June 11, 2010

Pretty little big fat liar.

Oh my god.
How could you?

I shed so many tears because of you. And I thought, hey, at least this time, it would be the last one. The one that I have expected. But you, being you just had to add to it. Make me cry again. I hope those popcorns made ants crawl up your skin and give you rashes!

"I said 'Hi'." Well, so did I! Yes, I was really bitchy but at least, I didn't lie. I didn't make up excuses and made you believe an IDIOT!

They told me to push away my pride. He told me that on that day, it didn't matter. But you LIED to me. And THAT mattered!


Today, I had Penny and Mai doing me a HUGE favour. Haha. And they are the KILLERS with popcorn. Hahaha.

I'm laughing. Because inside...
...I'm dying.

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