Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't wake me up even when it ends.

He said he didn't lie. Then, he asked me, "So is there any way i can make it up or just be left unforgiven?"

I was ready to believe him. I thought, okay, I need this to end now. And it was okay...until I woke up.

I put on an all black attire, looked in the mirror and changed. Mai and Chepah greeted me in Jusco. I saw 'her' which meant 'they' were so gonna be there and that would include 'him'. And there he was. I said hi to them but not him. I went off.

I asked him if he was still there after his movie. Maybe can meet up? He didn't reply. No...he replied. ONE HOUR AND A HALF LATER! He was about to go off at that time.

Ermm, dude! Isn't it obvious that he is a coward? No? No. It's obvious that he lied.

And Grace told me he likes some girl who isn't me. I couldn't care less. It hurts. But I'd rather know than not.

Watched Killers. Haha. Funny and so predictable, actually.

Went home. I'll be fine. I'll be okay. I'll be strong. Because I am me! Yeahh!

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