Sunday, June 13, 2010

Graduation Night. Prom.

Nasyim and me.

At first, did my hair at 4pm. I thought want to do at 5pm but my mum say I'm crazy. It took 2hours to do my hair. Haha. Then go Nasyim's house. Khalida was doing Jasyu's hair and make up. After that, my turn. delayed to prom because Jasyu's dress zipper rosak. Haha. Funny.

At prom, I saw so many pretty girls with set hair. Btw, Jamie won best dressed. Memang cun pun! Then...
...he was with her.

My mood spoil, you know!

I danced like crazy at first. Chang Lin spinned me over and over and OVER again. Ben came and lifted me *cradle* and spinned with me in his arms like crazy. Haha.

Slow danced with Kian Seng, Shahrizal, Junior, Nasyim, Kamil, Chang Lin and Sean Mark Wilson.

If you are wondering about a certain someone *cough*liar*cough*, he went home early. He was gone when I started dancing. I don't want to see him ever again in my life.

Went home at 11.30pm++.

All I wanted was a night to remember. And that's what I got. And I did have fun. I was sad and moody. But I had Jasyu, Nasyim, Nick, Dee, Jamie and Junior...even Wai Hung came and sat with me and asked me what's wrong. And definitely Zhen Yeap, that smiled at me, talked to me...and most importantly...said bye to me on facebook. Haha.

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