Sunday, June 13, 2010

The truth will come out. So why lie?

What the hell la dude?
Enough, okay? Stop lying. You know, I believed every bullshit you told me. I defended you whenever my friends talk bad about you. I even believed you over him. Yeah, he was the one who told me that you were going with his sister. And you had the nerve to lie and deny it.
What was so hard about telling the truth?
If you’re gonna create another crap…DON’T! I’m not even asking for an apology or whatever.
I just want to know WHY did you lie?

That was what I sent after going home.

"So u lied."
"What u mean?"
"Everything...every bullshit you told me. all dat I idiotically believed."
No reply.
"U r not even man enough to tellh d truth. no guts!"

I don't regret that. I regret not slapping his face. I regret not kicking him where it hurts. I regret not being able to say anything.

I have really fallen for you. And apparently, I fell for all your lies too.

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